Buggy service

If the player/driver wants to borrow a buggy in Golf Resort Česká Lípa, he has to follow these rules:

  1. Minimum Age of player/driver must be 18 years
  2. It is forbidden to drive bubby drunk or under other addictive substances
  3. One buggy can use only 2 persons
  4. It is allowed to drive a buggy only on ways or on fairways. It is forbidden to drive buggy closed to green putting. Distance must be less than 30 meters from each green putting.
  5. Player/driver must respect information system on the course
  6. Player/driver must observe safe speed limit.
  7. Player/driver is responsible to owner for damage caused by wrong using. Player/driver reports damages at the golf reception.
  8. Player/driver is responsible for damages to property or bodily injury caused to third persons by wrong using buggy.
  9. Player/driver must pay fee for borrowing buggy before game at the reception. After game he is supposed to put back buggy to the same place and give back the keys at the reception.
  10. Player/driver must use buggy only in the area of Golf Resort Česká Lípa.
  11. As penalty for breach points 1 to 10 the player/driver will be disqualify from the course without compensation.

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