Operating rules

Operating rules – Behaviour on the course in Golf Resort Česká Lípa

Please follow etiquette rules, pace of play and show and be tactfull to other players.

1. Dress code – T-shirt with collar or stand-up collar, suitable footwear, long and short thrashers (no blue jeans), for women are also allowed a skirts.
2. Register yourself in golf reception before game.
3. It is forbidden to use driving balls on the course. In case you break this rule you will be disqualify of the course with no compensation.
4. Do respect instruction of Marshall, green keeper, club professional and other staff
5. It is allowed to give lessons other players only if you have contract with Golf Resort Česká Lípa.
6. It is forbidden to enter the course with baby carriage and animals.
7. It is allowed to enter the course only with valid Handicap. Players without valid HCP can enter the course only with coach. Appointment with coach you can arrange on the golf reception.
8. Follow the safety game rules• Priority is given to 18 holes players
• To prevent danger, start game when green keeper allow you to play.
9. Leave the course in better condition after game then before you started:• Replace all visible divots
• Repair all visible ball marks 
• Rake bunkers  
• put back all playground sign to its places
10. Respect other players – Things you don´t mind can be uncomfortable for others and conversely
11. Tee box:• Practice swings do only out of the teebox
• Player should not tee up the ball until it is his turn to play
12. Lost ball –  if a your ball can be lost outside a water hazard or is out of bounds you should play provisional ball
13. On a playground are used red, yellow, blue and white stakes – please follow the rules connected with their colour.
14. Putting Green:• Mark the position of your ball and lift it 
• Line of putt is player different for every – don´t cast a shadow over line of putt of your playing partner 
• Respect personal space of every player (we recommend 4 metres)
15. Try always to play the way you could avoid necessity using word „FORE“
16. Interruption of game/ renewal game• Interruption of game 3x sort sound signal
• Renewal game 1x long sound signal
17. Penalty for breach of local rule:Stroke play – Two strokes; Match play – Loss of hole 

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